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Another Banner Year for the Rotary Foundation

July 23, 2014    


          From the Rotary Foundation Coordinator Team Zone 7A, greetings of peace and prosperity as we start another year of Service.  Allow me to introduce to you to the very helpful and hardworking team members who will be at your back and call on anything that has to do with our Foundation during RY 2014-2015.  They are the following:


Marcos C. Hermoso
+63917 792 4875
Jesus S. Nicdao
+63918 900 2287
Michael E. Lirio
+63920 905 9662
Jose Ma. Luis Cupin
+63917 321 4501
Thomas Aquinas
+6281 650 6638
Mustain Sjadzali

End Polio Now Zone Coordinator

+62814 1006 3284


          Our congratulations to the FIRST CLASS GOVERNORS for achieving several milestones when it comes to Annual Programs Fund Contribution, thereby carving their names in the history of Zone is the first time that the Zone has amassed total APF Contributions of $2,662,086, topping the previous high of $2,154,205 during Rotary Year 2011-2012, or a remarkable difference of $507,881.For the Ten Philippine Districts, APF Contributions totalled $2,034,357, a record of sorts as this is the first time the Philippines ever went beyond $2,000,000 in APF Contributions for one Rotary year.  Again the previous high was $1,864,115 in Rotary Year 2011-2012.


           Indonesia’s APF total of $627,729 is also the highest in its history of giving.  Add to that the Two new Arch Klumph Society members for Indonesia, PDG MustainSjadzali and IPDG Eva Kurniaty.  Special mention must be of IPDG Eva’s year-end contribution of over $200,000 to the Annual Program Fund as this allowed District 3410 to be the top APF contributor at $502,830 total, besting District 3830’s contribution of $434,676 and District 3800’s contribution of $404,368.  Also, District 3410 easily topped Zone 7A Cup (APF Per Capita) with a runaway figure of $521.07, leaving District 3800 and District 3830 a very far second and third with a figure of $189.22 for RI District 3800 and $184.18 for RI District 3830.


           It is also the first time for Zone 7A to have four (4) new ARCH KLUMPH SOCIETY members, with two others coming from District 3830.  Of course our very generous FIRST CLASS GOVERNOR ROBERT KUAN and DGN EDNA SUTTER.  I always use the adjective “GENEROUS” when I talk about IPDG Robert because he not only gives to our FOUNDATION, but he also gives his recognition points to other districts so that their Rotarians can become Paul Harris Fellows.


           Again our Congratulations to IPDG Robert for topping APF Contributions in the Philippines, with First Class Governor Louie Ticman of RI District 3800 coming in a close second, and IPDG Danny Ona of RI District 3820, I believe IPDG Danny has had the highest ever contribution for his district.  We must not forget to congratulate IPDG Tess Navales whose hard work produced the highest year growth at 168.9%.



3830 211,413 434,676 105.6%
3800 312,236 404,368 29.5%
3820 192,201 262,125 36.4%
3810 241,739 228,979 -5.3%
3780 242,499 203,635 -16.0%
3790 240,003 165,323 -31.1%
3860 223,433 158,152 -29.2%
3770 85,400 63,000 -26.2%
3870 21,646 58,205 168.9%
3850 67,360 55,894 -17.0%
TOTAL 1,837,930 2,034,357 10.7%



3410         102,356          502,830 391.3%
3420         143,730          124,899 -13.1%
TOTAL       246,086        627,729 155.1%




D3410 $     521.07
D3800 $     189.22
D3830 $     184.18


           So many milestones achieved, records being set, and just plain and simple success at every turn.  What did the Rotary Foundation do differently?  What did we do differently!  Was it President Ron Burton’s engaging his District Governors and asking them to give any amount to our Foundation even before their years of service started?  The District Governors then asked their Club Presidents to give any amount to the Rotary Foundation before their year of service started.  Was it the training of the new RRFCs together with the DRFCs and DGs in San Diego, California in January, 2013 to prepare for – full roll out of the Future Vision Plan, now called the New Grant Model?  Again, this was the first time this was done in Rotary’s history.  Or was it the Creation of a new position by former Trustee Chair D. K. Lee, that of the Endowment/Major Gifts Adviser (E/MGA).  Now you have someone that will target gifts of over US$10,000.00.  Did this result in the four (4) new AKS members from Zone 7A?


           You see my friends, a lot of things were done differently during the past rotary year and hopefully, they have contributed to our OVERALL SUCCESS.  As we always say, ‘THE BEST IS YET TO COME.”  And this Rotary Year, the “BEST CLASS TEAM” is taking over.  We can all expect them to do as wee as, or even BETTER than the FIRST CLASS TEAM.  I have worked with them and I know that they are hungry, eager, and raving to be the Best Rotary Leaders their District has ever produced.  With this in minds, new records will again be set as RI President Gary Huang and his Best Class Governors “LIGHT UP ROTARY” and Engage the ROTARY FOUNDATION.  As always, with you in SHARING ROTARY.

Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
Zone 7A          


August 1, 2014  
Dear Fellow Governors,

          Allow me to bring to you your attention the five (5) goals of Our Foundation for this Rotary Year as espoused by Trustee Chair John Kenny and our Foundation Trustees.


          The first goal is the eradication of the poliovirus from the face of to the earth.  We have much to be proud of in our efforts to rid the world of this dreaded disease, but we must finish the job.  We cannot let up in our efforts.  We cannot undo all the good work that has been done in the past.


          Our second goal is to continue to support Rotary’s own charity, The Rotary Foundation, through our contributions.  The good that we do is limited only by what we receive.  Let us ensure that clubs who have made no contributions to our Foundation do so this year.


          Our third goal is to ensure the progress of our new grants programs by participating in sustainable educational and humanitarian projects.


          Our fourth goal is to foster goodwill and peace by promoting and publicizing the Rotary Peace Centers program, whose purpose is to create a cadre of individuals dedicated to peace and conflict resolution.


           Our fifth goal is to emphasize that the responsibility for the future of our Foundation is in all our hands so that we can continue doing good in the world as we endeavor to Light Up Rotary. 


           We look forward to your continuing support.

Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
Zone 7A