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About Us

The PCRG is a non stock non profit association of past, present and future district governors coming from the ten (10) rotary districts in the Philippines. It provides support to the incumbent District Governors and training to the future District Governors. Every year, the PCRG holds its Philippine Rotary Concerns Forum where important issues and rotary concerns are being discussed. Non PCRG Members are welcome to attend the forum.


History of the Philippine College of Rotary Governors

               After his term as RIVP, PDG Paco Delgado of RC Manila initiated a move to organize all the past district governors (PDGs) in the country into an association.  The main purpose was to promote camaraderie, enjoy friendly fellowship and maintain interest in Rotary affairs among PDGs.

               Thus, on July 21, 1971, through an invitation by PDG Mat Caparas of RID 380, a group of incumbent and past governors, together with some Rotary club presidents from Greater Manila Area met for the first time at the Army and Navy Club of Manila.  The meeting resulted in the birth of an association initially named “Council of PDGs”.

               A committee headed by PDG Pat Pineda together with PDGs Leony Garcia, Mark Herras and Jose Masakayan was tasked to drat the Constitution and By-Laws of the proposed association.  Provisionally, the following were designated:


Chairman Francisco “Paco” Delgado
Vice-Chairman – RID 380 Mateo “Mat” Caparas
Vice-Chairman – RID 385 Leon “Leony” Garcia
Secretary/Treasurer RID 380 David “Dave” Sycip
Secretary/Treasurer RID 385 Ignacio “Nene” Salazar


               On August 18, 1971, during the second organizational meeting, the proposed Constitution and By-Laws were approved.  It was further agreed that aside from all the PDGs, incumbent and incoming governors were also eligible for membership.  The name “Council of PDGs” was changed to the “Philippine College of Rotary Governors” (PCRG).

The first set of PCRG Board of Directors and the Officers consisted of the following:


Chairman Francisco “Paco” Delgado
Vice-Chairman – RID 380 Mateo “Mat” Caparas
Vice-Chairman – RID 385 Leon “Leony” Garcia
Secretary David “Dave” Sycip
Assistant Secretary Leonardo “Dadong” Gallardo
Treasurer Patricio “Pat” Pineda
Assistant Treasurer Gonzalo “Saling” Javier
Director Sabino “Benny” Santos
Director Cornelio “Balmie” Balmaceda
Director Vicente “Tingting” Faelnar
Director Ignacio “Nene” Salazar
Director Benjamin “Ben” Campomanes
Director Leonor “Onor” Lozano


               Since its inception, PCRG has provided assistance to incumbent and incoming district governors, without encroaching into the incumbent and incoming DGs’ sphere of activities.  It has coordinated with different districts’ activities such as: hosting of Zone Institutes; recommending the creation of new districts; providing orientation and seminar for incoming governors in preparation for the Governors-Elect Seminar (GETS) and International Assembly.

               In 1977, PCRG initiated and obtained the approval from Rotary International for the publication of an official regional magazine, the Philippine Rotary Magazine (PRM).  As publisher of the magazine, PCRG through the years has been closely working with the PRM Editorial Board to ensure proper dissemination of national and international Rotary events, issues and information.  Over the years, PRM subscription has grown by leaps and bounds from its modest star to 15,000 as of late.

               On December 28, 1983, PCRG was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission as a corporation.  It was official registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue as non-profit, non-stock corporation on December 6, 2006.

Over the past forty two (42) years, PCRG has maintained its dynamism and enthusiasm.  Recognized here and abroad, it continues to serve as a forum for friendly fellowship and opportunity to maintain the interest in Rotary’s issues and activities alive among its members.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by PCRG members are:

  •  •           Continuing personal and family friendships among members through regular gathering and fellowship meetings.
  •  •           Opportunity to propose, discuss and implement rules and guidelines for the betterment of the Philippine Rotary at the
    annual Philippine Rotary Concerns Forum.
  •  •           Updated directory with vital contact information for better communication among members.
  •  •           Opportunity to collaborate and implement humanitarian projects among individuals, clubs and districts nationwide.
  •  •           Updated workshops and seminars on current Rotary issues.




1971-1976 PRIVP Francisco “Paco” Delgado 3810
1976-1977 PDG Dante “Dan” Sarraga 3850
1977-1978 PDG Leon “Leony” M. Garcia, Jr. 3860
1978-1979 PRIP Mateo “Mat” Caparas 3810
1979-1980 PDG Patricio “Pat” Pineda 3810
1980-1981 PDG Ignacio “Nene” Salazar 3850
1981-1982 PDG Alfonso “Ponching” Oboza 3860
1982-1983 PRID Sabino “Benny” Santos 3770
1983-1984 PDG Antonio “Jun” Tambunting, Jr. 3810
1984-1985 PDG Francisco “Paking” Dela Cruz 3850
1985-1986 PDG Honesto “Totoy” Cabarroguis 3860
1986-1987 PRIVP Francisco “Paco” Delgado 3810
1987-1988 PDG Plutarco “Cocoy” Velez 3870
1988-1989 PDG Marcos “Mark” Herras 3780
1989-1990 PRID Sabino “Benny” Santos 3770
1990-1991 PDG Ruben “Ruben” Henson, Jr. 3790
1991-1992 PDG Patricio “Pat” Tan 3850
1992-1993 PRID Rafael “Paing” Hechanova 3810
1993-1994 PDG Melito “Bimbo” Salazar, Jr. 3780
1994-1995 PDG Mario “Mar” Nery 3780
1995-1996 PDG Ricardo “Ric” Chua Tiong Bio 3800
1996-1997 PDG Jesus “Jess” Laxamana 3780
1997-1998 PDG Oscar “Oskie” De Venecia 3810
1998-2000 PDG JL “Pete” Morales Jr. 3780
2000-2001 PDG Johnny “Johnny” C. Aruego 3810
2001-2002 PDG Antonio “Tony” M. Gatuslao 3850
2002-2004 PDG Daniel “Danny” T. Yu 3810
2004-2005 PDG Marquez “Mark” O. Go 3790
2005-2006 RIDN Guiller “Guiller” T. Tumangan 3830
2006-2007 PDG Rodolfo “Rudy” S. Estrellado 3810
2007-2008 PDG Francisco “Jun” B. Aniag, Jr. 3770
2008-2009 PDG Alexander “Alex” Y. Huang 3810
2009-2010 PDG J. Antonio “Tony” M. Quila 3830
2010-2011 PDG Jaime “James Dee 3800
2011-2012 PDG Rafael “Butch” Francisco 3830
2012-2013 PDG Pablo “Ambo” Gancayco 3780
2013-2014 PDG Corina “Corina” T. Bautista 3770
2014-2015 PDG Virgilio “Jun” G. Farcon, Jr. 3800